News & Milestones

Being a young startup which is focused creating a cleaner future for the fashion ecosystem, we strive to be community driven & transparent in our missions & actions. 

Hence, here’s a brief snapshot of all our accomplishments, failures & success in our journey since the inception of Fix That Shirt on 5th April 2020.

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The French Tech Seed nomination by Sequoia

July 2021

Selected by a jury of the Sequoia consortium at Ergano, Paris, for the French Tech Seed Fund. The jury based this nomination on the ecological and social impact of the project, the excellence of the founding team, and the competitive advantage of the Fix That Shirt application.

Ranked amongst the Top 50 of the THFFC 2021

June 2021

Fix That Shirt was shortlisted amongst the first 50 out of 2500 applicants to the Tommy Hilfiger Fashion Frontiers Challenge 2021, rewarding projects with a positive impact on the fashion value chai

Fix That Shirt -x- Indian Ambassador

March 2021

Our founder team got the chance to meet and present Fix That Shirt at StationF, in front of the Indian Ambassador in France. This was an amazing opportunity for the franco-indian startup ecosystem to gain in visibility and cohesion.


The Young Innovative Enterprise Award

January 2021

Fix That Shirt was awarded by the DGE, a part of the ministry of economics, the status of Jeune Entreprise Innovante.

The Make Masks, Save Lives Project

June 2020

Fix That Shirt led a team of 10 volunteers across France and India to distribute for free 3200 upcycled masks during the mask shortage. Led a failed crowd funding on Ulule and refocused out of the mask project which had become irrelevant due to the end of the shortage.

The Open Beta of Fix That Shirt Mobile Application

July 2021

After Months of hard work and feedbacks from our customers, we are happy to be apple to share the application with anyone with the interest to try out our solution. Feel free to try it out on the play store or the app store, fix your clothes, and  and give us all your feedbacks at

The Closed Alpha of Fix That Shirt Mobile Application


April 2021

Thanks to a panel of fantastic volunteers, we were able to test our first prototype during a series of testing sessions in StationF. This was invaluable in terms of feedbacks and comforted us in the idea that there is a strong need for an easy repairing and upcycling solution

Fix That Shirt @ StationF


February 2021

The Fix That Shirt team got the opportunity to join StationF and its ecosystem by joining the ADN-x-IFM incubation program, a leading startup program for French Fashion.

The selection by Creative Valley

December 2020

Fix That Shirt was selected by Creative Valley for the incubation program led by ADN-x-IFM


Fix That Shirt Incorporation

April 2020

Fix That Shirt was incorporated in April 2020 in the French register with a vision to transform the Fashion Industry by offering solutions for sustainable practices