Earn up to €800 per week through your sewing skills!

Share your fashion portfolio with your mail ID below:

How does it work?

Download the Fix That Shirt app on your mobile and register as a ‘Fixer’ 

Update your profile by selecting different sewing services you wish to offer. Example Garment Repair, Upcyling etc.

Set a price that you want to charge for each service.

Let the Fix That Shirt provide you user requests based on your set services.

Accept the requests, finish the job and get paid!


But that’s not all…

As a Fixer at Fix That Shirt:

You are incharge of your time and you decide, based on your availability, when you would be accepting and finishing the repairing/upcycling requests.

Don’t want to over quote or under quote the cost for a repair job? Don’t worry, the Fix That Shirt app allows you to to discuss & negotiate with the user before accepting the job.

 You even have the possibility to promote your services by uploading a portfolio of your best works. 

So who is fit to be a Fixer?

Well, a Fixer can be described as a person with sewing skills & tools to repair & upcycle clothes, shoes, bags and other items of a fashion wardrobe.

So you are perfect to be a Fixer if you’re:

– An established business, be it a tailor or a repair shop

– A person with a hobby like sewing, knitting, embroidery, crochet etc

– A fashion student interested in earning some extra cash!