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Could purchasing second-hand/ pre-loved fashion be a privilege?

It feels that there is a lot of pressure to shop sustainably, to buy second hand but it is not always an option. Especially with so many sustainable fashion bloggers / influencers promoting it. However, sometimes it is not accessible, affordable, or appropriate (size, style etc.) for the wearers needs. Therefore, we need to think twice before creating an opinion of people for buying new garments.

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chanderi saree

How is Chanderi weaving unique?

This article does not only take you through the technical aspects of Chanderi weaving but also taps on the emotions of the weavers for their traditional textile.

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How to be an ethical shopper?

Facebook Twitter Youtube Linkedin Instagram Pinterest How to be an ethical shopper: a quick guide! This article is an analysis of the current state of

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What are the new Innovative Materials in Fashion?

With the majority of textiles ending up in landfills, materials that are biodegradable and recyclable are crucial. From orange peel to potato waste this article explains what alternative fabrics are and why they are important.

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