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Fix That Shirt isn’t just a mobile app, it is a project to disrupt how we actually consume fashion with an aim to make fashion more environmentally sustainable and socially responsible as an industry. We are laying the foundations for fashion aftersales enabling people to repair, mend and upcycle their existing fashion wardrobes and making their clothes last much longer.

We are an international team based in Paris with partner support Milanese, and we are also accelerated by the European Union.. And with a vision to become a global reference for mending culture and clothing alteration services, we are on a constant mission to raise awareness about the mending culture in fashion as a radical and political act though our informative blog, and by connecting people in a seamless practical experience through our Fits mobile app.

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Our Story

Well, Robert Swan once said, “The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.”

Fueled by over consumption and fast fashion, the glamourous image of the industry has started to fade as more vital issues like climate change among other social and environmental concerns are being raised, questioning the role that the industry has played.

There is an urgent need to change the way we consume; choosing quality over quantity, handmade over factory made and local over global. Hence we decided to stop waiting for others to save the world and that’s how Fix That Shirt(FiTS) was born. The idea is to enable people to up-cycle their existing wardrobes instead of buying more.

We carried the same spirit of being environmentally friendly during Covid19 pandemic as well. We created a free online platform that connected people who are in need of face masks with the people who can make face-masks by up-cycling donated textiles. We ran the project under the name of ‘Make Masks, Save Lives’ for one full month, in May,2020 when there was an acute shortage of masks all across France, and we successfully created and donated 3100 upcycled and reusable barrier face masks to those in need across France including donations at organizations like “Secours Populaire-Paris”.

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Team Fix That Shirt

The Founder

After having invested 10+ years of my life in the field of fashion, through work and higher education, across different countries and with different cultures, it all came down to one simple question… ‘ What can I do to change this alarmingly unsustainable state of fashion?’ Et voila "Fits"!

- Saba Alvi

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